The main theme is “Tempos” and incorporates corresponding musical terms associated with the speed that a piece of music is played.  As the works were submitted, they were chosen based on what kind of motion, movement and speed seemed to emanate from the piece.  With the artists’ permission, a corresponding tempo term was assigned to each piece of art.  They are arranged from slowest to fastest in the exhibit.

The subtitle “Muse and Motion” further embodies the purpose of the exhibit, which is to draw students from different disciplines and majors together to interact, and to provoke thoughtful expression from the visitor.
Muse: the goddess of art, somebody who inspires an artist, or to think about something or to say something thoughtfully, a thoughtful state of mind.
Motion: the act of moving, movement, the power of movement or to set something in motion to cause something to start functioning or happening.

The exhibit is an opportunity for the artists to display their works, and it facilitates a formal response by theatre and music students during the performance event of the exhibit. Music students are encouraged to choose what piece to perform based on what they perceive while viewing the artwork.  In conjunction with that, acting students will be performing an exercise in response-based movement.

Visitors to the exhibit and this blog are encouraged to submit written responses, whether it be a poem, paragraph or story.

Here are a couple video excerpts of the evening:  CU Trio and CU Theatre students.



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