Hilary Siber

Siber - headshot

Hilary Siber was born and raised in Canton, Ohio. In 2007 she earned her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art with an emphasis in environmental design and a semester of coursework from Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. After graduation she worked briefly in Baltimore as a junior designer for an interior architecture firm. In the fall of 2009 she moved to North Carolina to pursue a high school visual arts teaching position at a private school in Durham. She is currently a Clemson MFA candidate with an emphasis in painting, expecting to graduate in spring, 2015.

Architecture and landscapes are a rich territory for investigation and a continued source of expression for honest reflections of the world we live in. My current work utilizes imaginary landscapes and spaces to serve as visual metaphors for existential questions, meditations, desires and fears. I am interested in engaging the viewer’s phenomenological and psychological experience as a trigger point for his or her own considerations of the driving forces behind our humanity.
I am presently mapping, plotting and projecting imaginary realms to create visual metaphors for the dualities that I am currently engaging with. Currently I am focused on afterlife and the existence of oneself outside of the body and into a realm of opposing landscapes. Personal experiences have been the impetus for this investigation. I am interested in continuing to bring personal experiences into my work while simultaneously broadening my scope to further investigate broader topics that explore dualities such as utopia/distopia, life/death, order/chaos, creation/destruction, meaning/nonmeaning.
Hiking trips along mountainous terrains / vistas / trails are a continual source of visual inspiration and expression. My vulnerability within of a larger place is a moment of that triggers self awareness. Mapping my own body in relationship to a destination is a practice that allows me to step outside of my own understanding and place myself into a larger context. I am interested in the truth of these experiences as an approach to investigating / testing / questioning
/ proving larger questions and belief systems that are seeded in the dualities of our existence as humans (as previously listed). Architecture is another particular interest for me because of its ability to exist as a literal scaffolding that supports a living structure, as well as metaphorically upholding the belief system of its designer. It is similar to my experiences within landscapes because of its ability to offer a phenomenological experience in relationship to one’s body. Architecture and landscape both offer multiple avenues ranging from scale, solid/void, diagraming, etc as a platform to dialogue the dualities that interests my work.
I intentionally use line work and the grid to make clear that the ideas I am presenting in my work are honest investigations, still asking questions and seeking conclusions. The process of creating a space is not defined from the outset of the painting, but rather discovered through the process of creating the work. Color choices are irregular; sometimes purely symbolic and sometimes purely formal. During my painting process, the picture plane could start being painted in one orientation, and then rotate as I discover and plot new “moments” within the work, echoing my intentions of looking at my paintings as a visual investigation process.



Cave Study

Cave Study



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