Annemarie Weekley

Annemarie Weekley Artist Statement:
I create art that focuses on detailed nuances of every day life, along side of emotions and memories one experiences growing up. I capture special moments and intricacies that are both mundane and beautiful. The objective is to pull the viewer in to the piece, causing him or her to notice certain moments or to have an experience with what is being portrayed.

By using the format of printmaking, I am able to utilize my drawing abilities as well as incorporate elements of photography and duplication. I frequently integrate the processes of lithography, intaglio, and relief printing to achieve the desired textures and image quality of my prints.

The work I create focuses on delicate and interesting surface textures, combined with repetitive geometric shapes, noting the transformation that can occur through repetition. I am interested in the preciousness that a simple ordinary object or memory can take on, elevating it to a higher importance and significance.

Ascension Decension

Ascension Decension



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