Hello! My name is Susan Kaplar and I am the business manager for the department of performing arts and the Brooks Center at Clemson University. I have always loved the arts and am thrilled to contribute in this small way to the art world. The idea for the exhibit started well over a year ago, and through a series of events and conversations, has taken shape and become a reality. It would not have happened without the guidance and direction of Denise Woodward-Detrich, the Lee Gallery director. I am forever grateful to her for taking the time, seeing the opportunity, and believing that this was a worthwhile endeavor.
Because my wonderful boss, David Hartmann, Chair of the Performing Arts Department, gave his blessing on my participation with the Staff Development Program this year, I was able to veer away from my accounting mindset for a little while to embrace the artist within me.
I am also thankful to each artist who is participating, for without their beautiful works, this show would not be happening.

Special thanks to the participants of “Music and Motion” on Tuesday and Thursday, March 11 & 13, 2014:
Kerrie Seymour, Assistant Professor at Clemson University, for her vision, expertise, and encouragement, and to each of her acting students who will perform for Music and Motion.
Andrew Levin, CU Symphony Orchestra Director, for checking my correct usage and pronunciation of the tempo terms, and under whose guidance the String Trio will perform on Tuesday.
Lillian “Mickey” Harder, Director of the Brooks Center, for allowing the exhibit to be displayed in the lobby of the Brooks Center, and is playing the piano on Thursday.
Sarah Edison, Brooks Center Coordinator, for helping me set up the blog, printing the programs and labels, and general encouraging feedback.
Thomas Hudgins, Director of Marketing for the Brooks Center, who spread the word about this event at Clemson and on social media.

The performers:

Clemson University Trio

Kelly Moran, oboe
Dan Fetterolf, violin
Tanner Myers, cello

Performing Art Theatre students

Jonathan Bull
Julia Dingle
Sims Hall
Jessica Houston
Sophia Shapiro
Hunter Spangler
Preston Taylor Stone


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