Tuesday Recap

It was so wonderful to have students and faculty participate in this moving exhibit.  The performers on Tuesday night were:

Clemson University Trio
Kelly Moran, oboe
Dan Fetterolf, violin
Tanner Myers, cello

Performing Art Theatre students:

Jonathan Bull
Julia Dingle
Sims Hall
Sophia Shapiro
Preston Taylor Stone

Here is a recap of the performance:


  • Handel’s Trio Sonata in E Minor (first and third movements)
  • Shifting Views by David Gerhard
  • Tempo term: Grave – slow and solemn


  • Where are all the People? By Jessie Helmrich
  • Tempo term: Lento – slowly
  • Sway by Laken Bridget
  • Tempo term: Andante – at a walking pace


  • Mozart Trio in C Major (first movement)
  • Overfishing by Chi-Chen Lee
  • Tempo term: Moderato – moderately
  • Levin’s LEAF Waltz
  • Alavon #11 by Aubree Ross
  • Tempo term: Vivace – lively and brisk


  • Untitled 3 by Alexandra Giannell
  • Tempo term: Presto – extremely fast




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