Thursday Recap

Thursday’s performance was wonderful and different from Tuesday night.  We were pleased as punch to have our own Brooks Center director Lillian “Mickey” Harder break in our “new to us” Steinway which found home in the lobby.  Here’s the performance recap:

Performing Art Theatre students
Jonathan Bull
Julia Dingle
Sims Hall
Sophia Shapiro
Preston Taylor Stone


  • Where are all the People? By Jessie Helmrich
  • Tempo term: Lento – slowly


  • Arioso by Bach
  • Untitled by Hilary Siber
  • Tempo term: Largo – broadly


  • Sway by Laken Bridges
  • Tempo term: Andante – at a walking pace


  • Prelude in C Major by Bach
  • Tree of Windows by Elizabeth Smith
  • Tempo term: Andantino – slightly faster than andante
  • Medley of old pop tunes that her mother played
  • Smile by Nina Kawar
  • Tempo term: Allegro – fast, quickly and bright


  • Untitled 3 by Alexandra Giannell
    Tempo term: Presto – extremely fast

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