It’s funny how you can have an idea, and it remains just an idea.  And then, just because of a conversation, the idea starts to become a reality.  This is exactly how the whole “muse and motion” element of this exhibit came about.  I started telling Kerrie Seymour, Assistant Professor at Clemson University, that I had applied for acceptance into the Staff Development Program at Clemson, and that my life-long dream was to embrace the artist within me by creating art and visiting more art galleries.  She shared my enthusiasm, and said she would accompany me.  We started talking about the experience and serenity of entering a gallery, and how it transforms us to a peaceful place.  We talked about the ideas of merging art and music and theatre, and I discovered I was not the only one who had this vision.  It was definitely Kerrie’s encouragement that gave me the courage to mention this to the Lee Gallery Director, and my little idea actually started to become a reality.


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