Why “Muse and Motion” for a title to an art show, and this blog?

Avid appreciators of art probably know how to view an exhibit, how to get the most out of it. For me, this is a new concept. I wanted to be able to immerse myself in a piece of art, let it speak to me. Really take my time. That’s a hard thing to do nowadays. Even when I schedule myself some time to go see an exhibit, I’m aware of the time, how long I look at each piece. The longer I look, the more I notice – the more I wonder about the artist, and the creative thought process that went into creating the art. So I wanted visitors to take their time, to muse over what they are viewing. To let the mind wander where it may.
When I realized I had the opportunity to coordinate an exhibit right here in the building I work in, I got really excited! And since it happens to be in a performing arts center, I thought, why not give the opportunity for some expressive freedom? Let there be music playing, but not just any music, thoughtful music, to go with the theme of the exhibit. And you know, sometimes you just feel like moving. I’m really excited that some theatre students will be doing an exercise in movement in response to the art, and some musicians will be performing music too. I can hardly wait!


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